By accepting this TOS and therefore entering the site you agree to my terms and will abide by them. Thank you.

What is this site?

This site is for my projects, interests, artwork and anything I desire really. Here you will find commission info, devlogs, game reviews or random thoughts and probably more.

Who is this site for?

People who want to check out my projects or otherwise support me! With a few exceptions-

Who is this site not for?

-NFT's and people who enjoy them

-Racists, queerphobic, xenophobic, or just other wise people who believe in bigoted views.


If you share anything from this site credit me for it. Either by linking to the site or by my name. These are my works after all and you may not fully repost my work without some sort of commentary.

DO NOT: Edit my work to redistribute it. Without my written permission.


I am a in part horror creator. As such my site and content may include dark things evolving around death, gore, mutilation etc. These sections will have a blood warning and are not suitable for all viewers. If you are squeamish or have possible triggers please be careful and if your are a minor get your parent or guardians permission to view these areas.

18+ Sections

This site has 18+ sections these sections will be clearly marked as such with (18+). If you are above or are the age of 18 feel free to enter these areas. These are only for you. If you are not you are agreeing to not enter these areas by accepting this TOS. You are unwanted there.

If you are an adult you may enter the password: Rosebud to view nsfw content.

Final note: This TOS may change as needed I will keep track of the changes to the TOS and make them public to view.